The Tahitian pearl

Tahitian pearls are derived from the nacreous secretions of a particular species of oyster called the "pinctada margaritifera", cultivated mainly in Polynesia.

Tahitian pearls range in color from black to gray with different shades of green, blue, peacock, eggplant, copper and bronze.

Tahitian pearl grading standards are generally accepted by many jewelry professionals, although sometimes trading companies set their own rules and develop their own interpretation of these standards.

Our selection standards are strictly based on the official GIA grading in consultation with the Tahitian government, relating to Polynesian pearl farms as well as the export of these pearls.

Important: When we qualify a gem quality pearl for rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings, you should know that we use only the best pearls from only 1% of the Tahitian pearl production. Therefore, these pearls have absolutely no imperfections or surface defects, they are truly perfect and gem quality.

Tahitian pearl luster

The luster of pearls is also a quality factor affecting their surface. Tahitian pearls are famous for their high gloss luster. This luster, according to the GIA, is qualified by 4 grades:

  • Excellent
  • Good (either very bright or bright)
  • Pale
  • Poor

Luster is characterized by the reflection of light on the surface of the pearl. Pearls are said to have excellent, very bright or brilliant luster when the reflection is bright, intense or strong. When the reflection is weak or blurred, the luster is said to be soft or dull. Dull luster is normally excluded.

Thickness of mother-of-pearl of the Tahitian pearl

The thickness of the nacre affects the durability and often the beauty of the cultured pearl. Tahitian pearls have a reputation for having a thick nacre. This is due to their long gestation period within its carrier oyster. According to the official classification, a Tahitian cultured pearl must have a nacre thickness covering at least 80% of the surface of its nucleus. Pearls with a thin nacre thickness are rejected.

Some of our creations made with Tahitian pearls

Each piece is unique and mounted on kangaroo leather straps, a very resistant and supple leather, which can be worn daily without constraint.

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