To invest

Why buy precious and semi-precious stones ?

Whether you want to invest in jewelry or collect, you have a choice :


  • Traditional bank investments yield very little interest after taxes.


  • Investments and sums deposited in banking institutions are not guaranteed, as we think.

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  • The increase in the price of gemstones has been significant and continuous for several years

Globally, there are some common factors such as the increase in production costs due to the increase in energy costs on the one hand and the decrease in productive deposits on the other hand. The population is increasing and gemstone resources are decreasing.

The increase in production costs is also because certain countries have stringent environmental regulations, for example in Brazil and Sri Lanka.

Some stones increase in value less than others ;l such as white diamonds or tanzanites. But conditions can change quickly if investment or even fashion phenomena intervene in such countries as China. The production may then not be enough to meet the demand and the prices soar.

Many gemstones have increased in the last 5 years with an average of 10% per year... we note this is not to make a tempting proposition or imply anything about the future, but only to provide information about what has happened in these last few years.

This is particularly the case for certain important stones such as rubies, sapphires and spinels. These price increases also affect white diamonds but only in the best qualities and certain sizes, as well as colored diamonds.

At auctions such as Sotheby's and Christie's, new records are set each time for the price per carat. And these records drive the rest of the market up.

Compared to other gemstones, white diamonds (apart from exceptional sizes) have a smaller but steady increase over the long term.

This is due to two main causes.

  • The white diamond is not a rare stone compared to other gemstones and particularly the ruby.
  • On the other hand a very dominant position on the market has been held by the company DE BEERS regarding rough diamonds, effectively regulating prices. During certain periods, according to the offer and the demand, certain categories of diamonds, according to the color and the purity can even sometimes fall if the demand is weak.

Thus, apart from exceptional diamonds based on their size and purity, according to my analysis, the white diamond is not a stone of investment, in small dimensions.

Thus, we exclusively work with larger sizes of this type of diamond.

In our opinion, it is illusory to invest in "investment diamonds" apart from colored and very large white diamonds.

At the same time, colored diamonds are very rare in regards to their faulty of beauty and size. The price of colored diamonds has soared in recent months and years. There is no objective reason for this to stop. This is all the more notable for the pink diamonds and the even rarer red diamonds coming from the mine of Argyle in Australia (closed since November 2020). The primary source of revenue is white diamonds, not colored diamonds. These pink and red diamonds will become even rarer.

This observation of a significant increase in gemstone prices in the producer markets is based on our knowledge of this market over the past 20 years of activity. 

There are too many unknowns around the world to be able to guarantee what the future will be.

We provide solely our expertise and experience to help you make your decision.

  • The taxation of gemstones is more advantageous than many bank investments. 



  • The approach

Are you seeking a gemstone in which to invest? Here is how we can help you in your approach.

We’d like to warn that "investing" in one or more precious stones must be a risk-aware approach. Observing the very strong increase in prices in recent years, analyzing the objective fact that the quantity of stones available is only decreasing in the face of increasing demand, should not make us forget the fact that we can neither predict nor guarantee the future!

We advise setting your budget, then deciding the type of stone you prefer. Once you’ve narrowed your scope, its best to contact us for the purchase of a gemstones in your order to make a worthy investment. For example, If you prefer blue sapphires, colored sapphires, spinels, I will be able to satisfy you and accompany you in those specifics.

Of all the stones that can be used in Jewelry, the rarest is the ruby. Of course, I am only talking about the best quality gemstones, also called "pigeon's blood". But the beautiful rubies of a certain size reach very consequent sums.

We will see together if a stone of the stock can be appropriate in total mutual confidence. But, the most frequent case is the acquisition of a "recent gemstone", that is to say a gemstone that I will be able to find you during one of my trips. This step must be done in total mutual confidence. From the producer country, I will contact you by email or by phone, describing the stone and sending you a video. If you confirm the sale, the stone is paid for immediately by bank transfer. You benefit from the best conditions, with a small additional discount from the seller because of the immediate payment and I do not have to include any capital costs.

All these stones are provided with a certificate of laboratory in gemology.

Moreover, for a great number of stones we can bring you the guarantee of "ethical stones", totally traced from the source of supply to you. We work particularly in this sense in Sri Lanka where you can even be received on the spot to choose your stone with us, if you wish.

  • Resale

For the resale there is always the solution to put them up for auction at big houses like Sotheby's or Christie's, which will be delighted to present your quality stones. It is important to keep in mind that the more valuable, high in quality, and how heavy the stones are, the easier it will be to resell them.

  • Cautionary note

If you contact us for the purchase of a gemstone in hopes to make an "investment", we will put our knowledge and experience at your service. We have been analyzing the evolution of gem prices for several years and our experience is the fruit of 20 years of presence on this market.

We offer you our expertise but we are not a financial institution and we do not offer any guarantee on the evolution of the value of your purchase. You are the immediate owner of the gemstone you have purchased and as such we are not an intermediary for an investment, but rather we are a purely commercial act of purchase and resale.

As with any investment, there is always an element of risk, which also depends on the evolution of global economic and conflict situations.

Our information is based on our knowledge of the past and current evolution of gem prices in the producer markets and on the sale prices in the major auction houses. We put our expertise and our knowledge of the gemstone markets for 20 years at your disposal, but.... in no case can we guarantee the future!


Many of our customers are gemstone collectors. These are marvels from the earth, their beauty enhanced by the talent of the lapidary.

Some collectors systematically search for all varieties of gemstones and others focus on a single family or variety of gemstones. Some collectors are only interested in sapphires or spinels because of the demand for this type of precious and semi-precious stones, and others are interested in gems such as lagoon tourmalines and paraïbas, and exceptional garnets...


The gemstones of Jewelry are mainly the diamond, the ruby, the sapphire, the emerald. These four gemstones constitute the so-called "precious stones".

But there are a lot of other gems with high yield called semi-precious stones. Some are well known for example; aquamarine, garnet, tourmaline.

Others are less so, like spinel or tanzanite, and also very interesting as investment in semi-precious stones.

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